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Driver Id getting deleted on Shipment modified event

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  • Driver Id getting deleted on Shipment modified event

    Dear All,

    We are facing an issue with driver id being getting deleted on shipment modified event.

    When we assign driver using shipment actions, in the stop details the NFRs are added for getting the driver back to home. But Driver ID is not showing on Shipment. Also, while verifying with the database the driver ID is not showing in the Shipment Table. But Driver ID is showing with Driver_Assignment Table.

    The issue does not occur with all the shipments but with some random shipments. Also we have noticed that the service provider is also getting changed at the same same time wherever the driver id is getting deleted cases.

    Attached is word doc for the same. Driver Id missing on the shipment.docx

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    There is no straight forward answer for this but I can suggest you to enable the logs and check if you can replicate the issue. This will help us to understand the cause.