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Fleet Management Basics

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  • Fleet Management Basics

    Hi All

    I am new to fleet management module and need to configure few things.

    Here are certain question that I have:-

    *What are the basic setups needed to leverage fleet management.
    *What is a fleet shipment?
    *What are the other basic config setups need for this?

    Waiting for a revert.


    Ayush Saxena

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    Re: Fleet Management Basics

    Hi All

    Can somebody please help me with some scenarios which are currently being used in the industry.

    Also what are the industry best practices and bottleneck in terms of fleet while using OTM or without using OTM.

    Its kind of critical and I need these details.

    Ayush Saxena


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      Re: Fleet Management Basics

      I am also waiting for these setups. Please help us with above


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        Re: Fleet Management Basics

        Originally posted by navya_otm View Post
        I am also waiting for these setups. Please help us with above
        Hi Navya

        With some inputs from help and other document I was able to create the master data for the fleet.

        That included Drivers , Equipment and POwer Units and Equipment Types.

        When I only had a driver I was able to perform action "Assign Driver" succesfully.

        When I had Power Units attached with Driver information I was not able to Perform any action as I was getting error like "Not Feasible Equipment Type defined for Shipment" and Aslo I asked to define certain parameters related to feelt in my paramater sets.

        I did that but wioth no success.

        Hope you can get through after Driver Assignment.

        Hope it helps.

        Please provide your thoughts on this and any help from anyone is highly appreciated.

        Ayush Saxena


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          Re: Fleet Management Basics

          Hi Ayush, Navya,

          For Fleet Management, I’m listing down some basic steps, which will help you in configuring standard Fleet. Try to understand these functionalities from Help section in details.
          · Prepare Master Data for Drivers, Power Units, Equipment, Equipment Type, Equipment Group
          · Your Capacity Definition(Weight/Volume carrying capacity) for Equipment group should be correct
          · Link Equipment, Equipment Type, Equipment group Correctly
          · Link Power Units to driver
          · Create Asset Inventory Location for Equipments
          · Asset Inventory has buckets for ON HAND, INTRANSIT
          · Move Equipment to ON HAND Buckets initially
          · In Parameter Sets, define Queries for Driver, Equipment and Equipment Type
          · Setup Fleet Optimization Parameter
          · Setup Equipment Optimization Parameter where you define that your Equipment moves to different buckets(ON HAND, IN TRANSIT) based on Available and Assigned stage

          While Planning Shipment use the Newly Configured Fleet Parameter Set.

          The above steps will help you in identifying broad research areas. You can follow OTM Help for more details.

          Pratik Ravani.


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            Re: Fleet Management Basics

            Hi Pratik

            Thanks for sharing the vauable information. I tried with the steps however I am still getting error while assigning drivers to my shipment.

            Attached are the screen shots of my Setups and errors too.

            Earlier equipment types did not have any Weight Volume but I tried with both the case :-
            * Equipment Type with Weight Volume
            *Equipment type without weight Volume.

            I have not been able to move forward as I am getting error while assigning anyone among Driver , Equipment or Equipment Type.

            can you please share some thoughts on this.

            Any help would be really appreciated.

            Would wait for an update on this.

            Ayush Saxena
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              Re: Fleet Management Basics

              Hi Friends,

              Usually Fleet Management, configuration basic setup as given by Pratik. That is also very help info.

              Again it depends on the business. I am giving few points for Servprov itself who are Trucking or Logistic Service Providers (Fleet Owners)
              Their setups are more on Sale Perspective i.e services for their clients.(Dedicated n trucks on a project for 1 year/2year/n year contract).

              In this setup Driver with Special Services for certain equipment (Flat bed). Shipment with flatbed require lashing/tarpaulin, without that goods will get damage or fall during transit. For this special service driver get extra trip bonus.
              If this special service is not chargable to client, then in Rate config put it as special service.
              If it is chargable to client then accessorial.
              Driver work invoice will show this activity with payable indicator and for payment it has to be integrated with oic module in oracle ebs.
              Utilization of these trucks has to be configure for 1yearr contract in Asset Lease functionality of OTM. Based on this config Monthly invoices can be generated.



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                While assigning driver I get error "Not fleet management Shipment". What could be reason?


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                  Hi NB,

                  You are getting the error "Not fleet management shipment" because, in the Service PRovider, there is a check box called as "Fleet", which should be marked as Yes.

                  Pratik Ravani.


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                    Hi All,
                    Please let me know how will you assign the equipment from shipment. I am getting the error There are no feasible equipment type assigment options.



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                      In an attempt to pay it forward, please see attached notes I made regarding Fleet Management/Dispatch Board. Please note all of this information was found by about 10 hours of trial/error.

                      Power Unit Type: I assigned two IDs. Overnight & Day Cab.
                      Power Unit:
                      - Make sure the following are always filled out
                      1. Power Unit ID (Create New)
                      2. Power Unit Number (I would use VIN or License plate to avoid duplicates if it is a large company)
                      3. Power Unit Type