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  • Freight Forwarding flow


    I have worked on a normal buy shipment mode in OTM including Ground Schedules. I require help on understanding Freight Forwarding flows and Freight Forwarding module/concepts in OTM (eg. Customer, jobs, employees, Sell Shipments etc). Does anyone have any document on the same? Any help would be highly appreciated.


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    Re: Freight Forwarding flow

    OTM HCL, I have worked with that functionality quite extensively and have some good material, unfortunately, like most other members of this forum that information is client confidential and cannot be shared on a public forum. If you have specific questions, then please re-post with those. As far as I am aware, the FF functionality was added to OTM based on the requirements of a specific customer and therefore may not be 100% applicable to all of those clients in the freight forwarding industry.


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      Re: Freight Forwarding flow

      Hi, bmj_23!
      As you worked with Quotas & FF, can you make a supposition on why after creating Quote and setting in in a new Booking->Freight Forwarding all its data aren't copied automatically including Source/Destination Locations, Line Items etc.?
      Thank you.
      Best regards, Arthur.


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        Re: Freight Forwarding flow

        Hi bmj_23
        Under Customer Management in Brokerage and Forwarding there are two business object
        1) Customer and 2) Buyer. What is the difference between these two. These two are not same for a freight forwarder?? Kindly explain...


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          Re: Freight Forwarding flow

          In standard OTM terms, CUSTOMER = Domain and BUYER = Location.

          When the freight forwarding functionality was designed, domains were used to model customers as an entity (OTM does not really otherwise have the concept of a customer). A buyer is related to a customer and is just a way of applying templates to freight forwarding bookings (order releases) that are created in OTM.


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            Re: Freight Forwarding flow


            Can anyone please give an example which will highlight the defferece between a BUYER and CUSTOMER, so that it is more clear!!!

            Thanks in Advance