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visibility for international air shipments

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  • visibility for international air shipments


    My company an end user shipper has just gone live with OTM for domestic shipments. Phase 2 of the project will cover our international air shipments. We use multiple freight forwarders going to over 100 destination countries outside the US. Have other shippers gained visibility using OTM to track international shipments? Our finance team wants to know when the product is wheels up for revenue recognition purposes.
    Are any shippers getting electronic updates from freight forwarders? The folks at destination want better information than email and it is our hope that OTM will provide it.
    Any real world feedback would be appreciated.

    Best Regards,


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    Re: visibility for international air shipments

    Hi Jim,

    One of OTMs strong points is the Shipment execution pice and the associated visibility that it provides for the shipment lifecycle There are multiple customers who use OTM for Visibility and Track and Trace. Once such example is TESCO whcih uses OTM for its international sourcing business. They too work with multiple service providers and all of them send electronic updates to OTM from their systems for all lifecycle events. Thus OTM becomes the single platform for for capturing and reporting all shipment related events. The biggest challenge will be to 'connect' (integrate) FF systems to OTM. In TESCOs case they integrated OTM directly with the FF systems for 4 FFs who accounted for 90% of their shipments. However, you can look at using EDI which will be much faster to implement. Just as a FYI....the FF community prefers using OAGIS schema for their XMLs which is much different from the OTM XML schema


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      Re: visibility for international air shipments

      Yes, OTM visibility module provides various functions in providing the events/statuses/custom events through which shippers/consignees at source/destination can have visibility at various points of the shipment lifecycle.