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[SOLVED] Assistance w/ Export Shipments

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  • [SOLVED] Assistance w/ Export Shipments

    We have implemented OTM 5.5 so far for domestic trucking, and are adding Export shipments in early next year. We are forming the internal project team currently and would like to talk with other users who are using OTM in this fashion, to provide background for the project team members.

    Our consulting partner, Hitachi, is responsible for configuration, but we would like to get a better understanding of the functionality for this software from other customers.

    By way of background, we are a hardwood manufacturer who is shipping approximately 1000 containers a month to 60 countries. We would like to setup a conference call, or start an email conversation along these lines.

    Here is a link to our website: Baillie Lumber

    Would anyone be willing to help us? Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Assistance w/ Export Shipments

    Hi cwarner,

    I think export Shipment planning within OTM also remains the same as far as planning is concerned, it is about the configuration which needs to be created accordingly. But if you also want to have a robust system which does the denied party screening / party embargoe screening of the customers, you can use OTM.

    But, shall i know will this be done by Hitachi only or are you looking for any new consultant to be hired.