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Urgent !!!!Importance of Saved Query

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  • Urgent !!!!Importance of Saved Query

    Greetings Great Brians,

    Created automation agent wherein once the order gets created in OTM, the order will get created in GTM as well.

    But while defining Automation agent , at the Actions Tab. When I clicked on Action and selected Create Trade Transaction. I got one more title saying Saved Query.

    May I know significance of that,

    And while adding action, can I add procedural condition like IF..ELSE IF..

    If so, please let me know how this can be done in sequence. Any doc showing this can help a great extent.

    Waiting for the reply.

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    Re: Urgent !!!!Importance of Saved Query

    As GTM is a fairly new product, you should contact Oracle Support for questions.
    I also recommend that you run an OTM Training Course.