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RPLS WorkQueue issue

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  • RPLS WorkQueue issue

    Hi All,

    Am not too familiar with RPLS workbench/work queue. Across 2 different GTM instances using the same Workqueue I see difference in the outputs. The first one has all search details appearing whereas the 2nd one is not populating Company Name,Address, Address details on the WQ record. I don't see any difference in the saved queries being used.
    what could be causing this possible difference? Is it screenset/advance layout or something different altogether?
    Thanks for taking a look!

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    Hi Ronnie,
    The very reason that you are not seeing the search details in another could be that when system populates the work queue, no other user can access the records displayed on the page until the logged in user resolves or releases them.You could simulate and see the system behavior.