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Storing values in tabular form for service provider

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  • Storing values in tabular form for service provider

    Is there any functionality in OTM which allows you to enter and store values in tabular form with multiple rows and columns. We have a business scenario we would like to incorporate in OTM. It is as follows:

    We have given fuel cards to our service providers which they consume while transporting our products. We have assigned the limits to cards given to each service provider and as per our agreement with them they have to consume those limits. We want to attach this fuel limit and utilization limit to our service providers for each regular interval (completely based upon the range of period/date where we want to check the limit).

    Now we can find the allowed limit against each service provider in existing shipments data (it is a specific percentage of shipment cost) but we do not have in OTM is actual utilized limit which is shared by fuel company with us. We want to store those actual limits against each service provider in OTM as well as fuel rate for each regular interval, say, from 01-04-20 to 30-04-20.

    Is there a way we can achieve this functionality?

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    Can you use the attribute fields on the servprov table?