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Cost Detail in shipment tree view

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  • Cost Detail in shipment tree view

    My client requirement is to have cost information like base cost, accessorial cost and other cost that are applied in shipment should be present in tree view. so that if they want to see any cost information of particular shipment they don't need to open it but able to see. I have gone through screen set manager but there was not able to find any option to make it possible. there was invoice and bills but that will not serve my purpose. My question "Is that possible to include cost information in tree view in the way they want?". If there is any alternative please suggest.


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    Re: Cost Detail in shipment tree view

    Cost details cannot be shown in tree view.

    You might have to explore any other alternative - may be a trim down shipment view manager layout which only show cost details - Just a thought!!

    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: Cost Detail in shipment tree view

      Hi Sourabh,

      The way you want requires Customization which is not recommended.
      You can also achieve this via Shipment reference qual.
      for eg: you can make 2 SHIPMENT_REFNUM_QUAL like Base Cost and Accessorial Cost
      and can feed the value into SHIPMENT_REFNUM_VALUE through agent.
      once done you can then show these in the result page of screen set, off course some tweaking is required when it comes to accessorial cost like you can separate one value from other by tilde ~.

      Kind Regards,