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[SOLVED] Unassign ORs from multiple shipments

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  • [SOLVED] Unassign ORs from multiple shipments

    Hi all,

    I’m having problems unassigning individual order releases when an OR appears on several shipments, e.g. TL to cross-dock, handling at the cross-dock and LTL to the final location.

    In the OR Manager, I normally use the “Unassign Order Release” > “Unassign Order – Buy” action and that works fine for ORs that appear on only one shipment but when they are in multiple ones, I get the following error message:
    Error creating Stop Order Bundle for Shipment Stop TEST.40914 1. More than one Stop Order Bundle created.

    Where TEST.40914 is the gid of the TL shipment. The planning status is PLANNING_PLANNED – FINAL.

    I can unassign all ORs from the 3 shipments at once but I then have to replan the ORs I wanted to keep and it’s a very time-consuming process.
    Does anyone have any idea how I could take out single ORs from those shipments?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Unassign ORs from multiple shipments

    Usually when you get a Order Bundle error it means a date/time issue. Have you tried changing the Date Emphasis to NONE on the Order Release and then unassigning it?


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      Re: Unassign ORs from multiple shipments

      When an Order Bundling is done then the application should have built shipments on various basis like time from each stop / time taken at xdock / handling points and delivery time, etc.. When you are unassigning one Order Release from this bundle the application has to internally unassign all the releases in the bundle and rebuild the shipments and in this rebuilding process the bulk plan may be facing difficulty to bundle the remaining releases together. I think that could be the reason for the error message.

      I am not sure if this helps you but I have experienced sometimes the similar way and when you select all the releases of the bundle and unassign then you will not get any error.

      Raveendranath Thalapalli


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        Re: Unassign ORs from multiple shipments

        Thank you for your replies. I didn't realise that OTM actually unassigned all the orders in the bundle and replanned the remaining ones. That's most certainly what's causing the problem since by the time the orders are unassigned, the delivery date/time is not feasible (as often in the past), therefore the remaining orders fail to plan.

        By default, all my orders come with a date emphasis of "BOTH", so it looks like I will have to change the date emphasis on all the remaining orders in the bundle in order for it to work.



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          Re: Unassign ORs from multiple shipments

          I'm coming back a bit late to this thread but I've actually found a solution for this that has worked every time I've used it.

          What I do now, is that I split the 3 shipments where my order appears by using the "Split by Order Release" option and only selecting the order I want to unassign. I also select "Split to Parallel Shipment" and leave everything else blank. I do that for the 3 shipments where my order appears until it's on its own on the 3 shipments. I can then unassign the order without any of the other shipments/orders being affected since they are not linked in any way anymore.

          If any of the order dates on the original shipments are in the past I also set the date emphasis to "None" on these orders so that they can be replanned when I split the shipments.

          I hope this makes sense.