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Splittable Field in CU4 Order Release

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  • Splittable Field in CU4 Order Release

    Can anyone elaborate on the purpose of the new "Splittable" field on the Order Release header screen. How is this field used?

    This is also in CU3.


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    Re: Splittable Field in CU4 Order Release

    The purpose of the Splittable Check box in the Order Release is as below:

    Select the Splittable check box to allow splitting of the order. This check box has priority over the Splittable check boxes on the Ship Unit tab. If not selected, the order cannot be split at all.

    There are two Splittable check boxes available on a order release, one at release header level and the other at ship unit level.

    If the splittable check box is unchecked at header level then though at Ship unit level the Splittable check box is checked the order release cannot be splitted.

    Hope this helps.

    Raveendranath Thalapalli


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      Re: Splittable Field in CU4 Order Release

      Hi All -
      We upgraded to 5.5 CU4 over the weekend from 5.0. We noticed that the order release is_splittable flag is now defaulted to Y - I think that happened in CU3. We've also noticed that when you edit an order release, the is splittable box is automatically checked even if the order release has the is_splittable flag saved as null. Unless you uncheck the box, the is_splittable flag is set to Y when you save the order release. We've logged a ticket with Oracle on this but do not have a resolution at this time. I'll update if we get an answer.


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        Re: Splittable Field in CU4 Order Release

        Hi Beth,

        Did you get any reply from Oracle on this?



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          Re: Splittable Field in CU4 Order Release

          According to Metalink Note 736888.1 - Order_release Default Setting For Is_splittable In 5.5.03
          The "Splitable" checkbox on the Order Release Header is purposely set to "ON" to be backward compatible with previous versions. Here is a description of the splitting behavior before and after this change (note the change happened in version 5.5 CU3)


          There was only one field for setting the splittable controls. This is called "Splittable" and is on a Ship Unit and controlled if a single ship unit can be split.

          The client had NO control on whether the individual ship units can be split (i.e. if there were two ship units, 2 shipments could be created). This type of splitting was only allowed IF the order could not completely fit within an equipment and controlled by the planning parameter "ALLOW SMALL DIRECT ORDERS TO BE SPLITTABLE"


          There are now three fields that control splitting. The original field from pre-CU3 is mapped to the Bulk Splittable flag on the individual ship unit.

          The three fields are now

          -Bulk Splittable (on ship unit) - Controls if the ship unit can be split arbitrarily by weight/volume (i.e. no distinct boundary for the splitting)

          -Count Splittable (on ship unit) - Controls if the ship unit can be split at it's boundaries (i.e. by Ship Unit Count). So if a single ship unit had count of 2, it could be split into 2.

          -Splittable (release header) - Controls if the ship units can be separated onto different shipments. For example, if there were two ship units on the order, 2 shipments could be created.

          Note: to reiterate, pre-cu3, the client could not control the count splittable (on ship unit) and the splittable (header), they were assumed possible.

          If Order Release level flag is set to false, that means the order release cannot be split into two shipments, period, if this is the case the other two flags on ship unit wont be looked at.
          Joseph Liang
          MavenWire APAC


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            Re: Splittable Field in CU4 Order Release

            Hi Joesph,

            This is another note that I found on Metalink (747091.1)

            Applies to:
            Oracle Transportation Management - Version:
            This problem can occur on any platform.
            -- Problem Statement:
            When using the following fields to control the Splittable options of an order release when creating a TransOrder via integration, the fields have no effect on the Order Release's IsSplittable flag (as seen on the Header of the Order Release)

            There is no equivalent field on the Order Base for the Release's IsSplittable flag. Therefore their is no way to control the setting of this on the Release via a TransOrder XML.

            -- To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
            This can not be achieved within the current product. There is no equivalent field on the TransOrder that can control the Order Release's IsSplittable flag.
            The following alternatives are suggested:
            1. After sending the TransOrder XML, follow it up with a Release XML that includes the following:
            2. Set up an Agent to update this field on the Order Release. This would be done via a Direct SQL Update

            - Naveen