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  • OTM search results

    Hi Guys :

    Can anyone tell me how I could run searches in OTM for results greater than 1000? For example if I need to find the number of orders we have shipped in February, March, & April. The order search is limited to 1000, how can I get around that?


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    Re: OTM search results

    I know that you can modify this by adding a property to your $OTM_HOME/glog/config/ file, but I don't remember the exact syntax. Either someone else on the board or Oracle Support will be able to provide it.

    Just keep in mind that it can have a significant effect on UI performance and memory usage, so don't go too high.



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      Re: OTM search results

      I am guessing that you do not want to look at all records, just get a total value. If this is the case, try running a query from a Business Monitor. This will give you a total figure, even if it is above 1000.
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        Re: OTM search results

        Thanks Guys.

        The users typically wants to see the results on the screen. But this wont executed on a regular basis.

        Let me try and update you.


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          Re: OTM search results

          Just an FYI, I wouldn't increase the amount of results past 500 on any screen. In the past unless development fixed this issue, screens would time out if they had more than 500 lines returning on a screen.
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            Re: OTM search results

            As of OTM 5.5 CU4 the Result Screen tells you the number of found records, but you can only browse through the first 1000.