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[SOLVED] Creating Shipment in Workspace

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  • [SOLVED] Creating Shipment in Workspace

    I am trying yo create a shipment in the workspace manager by dragging and dropping the Order release. I am not sure how this is done. I just followed what was written in the Workspace help page. No matter what I do the shipment is not getting created on dragging and dropping the Order release. It gives me "This is an invalid drag and drop".
    This is what I have done.
    1. Created a workspace for viewing Order releases.
    2. Added 2 saved queries i.e. 2 list types. The saved queries are for the same source and destination location. Just the items are different. The items do not have any compatibiltiy problems.
    3. Both the lists are getting populated under the list type that i created for order release.
    4. Dragged an order release from one list and tried to drop in the buy shipment folder of the 2nd list.
    It gives me an error.
    Can someone please tell me what is the correct procedure or whether this can be done or not.

    Anirban Roy