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  • Order Schedule

    Hi ,

    Has any one used order schedule in order release and been able to apply this to an order release ....

    if so what was the business requirement....


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    Re: Order Schedule

    You can define order schedule to set the delivery dates and their offset dates based on the lanes selected for the selected days of the week , thus you can play on delivery time window when the deliveries should be made.
    Order type is also one of the optional parameter against which u will define the order schedule. After you have defined the order schedule for a lane and particular week days, you can manually assign the order schedule from order release actions -> utilities ->apply order schedule.
    You can define an agent as well with the action Set delivery dates order on creation of order release in case you are automating the process.


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      Re: Order Schedule

      hi on applying the order schd to an order release the result shows order schd delected as none and the result as faliure


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        Re: Order Schedule


        I have set the "Day of week-start" as Monday but when I run the Order schedule action, it follows the protocol set as if Day of start as Sunday and sets up the early/late pickup/delivery dates. Is this a bug or anything else? please let me know.