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Reverting a shipment status updated in error

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  • Reverting a shipment status updated in error

    We have some advanced planned shipments that someone has accidentally changed to ENROUTE_ENROUTE

    As they are planned in advance there are likely to be some changes, either additions or removals that we now can't perform due to the status change

    We can't work out how to get the shipments back to ENROUTE_NOT_STARTED

    Surely there is a process to correct manual errors of this type?

    Any help appreciated

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    We created an agent that can be manually triggered from the shipment screen to update the shipment status to ENROUTE_NOT STARTED. I have also done this by exporting the shipment status table for a shipment, updating the status value, and uploading the csv to OTM.


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      OK great thanks - will give the CSV method a try and if that works talk to the partner about developing an agent


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        If you have access to database you can change the status from backend directly.