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  • Parent Child Domain Structure

    Hello Everyone,
    I am planning to have Parent Child Domain Structure in my project where I am thinking all the master data including userid, roles and configurations to resides in Parent Domain and Transanctions data such as Order/Shipment/Invoice/Bill to resides in child domain.

    From the best practices point of view what are the recommended approach to be followed for multi-domain structure?
    One of the key objects i.e. Rates should be kept in Parent or child domain? What are the side-effects of having this struecture?
    Appreciate for all your inputs.

    Many Thanks!

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    There are a lot to talk about for your question
    1. Parent and child domain is a good architecture it will help clients do cross domain planning
    2. Maintain the rates in Child domain so you will have control over it or if its generic rates you can put int Parent domain, depends on how their business is structured
    3. Domain grants play critical role

    I will suggest you to put power point and layout pros and cons for each model and get some thoughts from industry experts before implementing it, once you create it's hard to go back.

    Hope it helps a bit to move forward.
    Vinoth Gopalakrishnan
    Reach out for OTM/GTM - Transportation/Logistics and Blockchain Consultations/Strategy