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    when one creates an order base the details for the source and destination is compulsory to proceed ... however one is allowed to have source and destination at the line level different from what was recorded in the previous tab to create the order such cases which source and destination would otm use for planning and would be obliged if any one could mention a business case where such a situation had arisen...

    Thanks and regards


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    Re: source and destination...orders

    hi rj,

    OTM will take into account the Source and destination mentioned in the Line Level becoz when you release an order base you are actually releasinsg the lines and hence the line level information is carried onto the releases and order release is created with source and destination of line. and this source and dest are used for planning.

    Given a scenario where an order base is like a purchase order consisting of various spare parts of a automobile procurement company. Each order line could be consisting of different type of materials to be procured from different suppliers hence different sources / diff destination. when the supplier is ready to deliver the material then that order line is converted into a release and that line source/ dest is used for planning a shipment by carrier.

    let me know if u require any further info on this.

    Raveendranath Thalapalli