Hi everyone,

Would like to share with everyone that after struggling with ERU planning with Load Configuration planning parameters, I have managed to simulate several scenarios including one that causes a JVM crash.

If your configuration has:
  • Ship Unit with no dimensions only weight and volume
  • Equipment Group with dimensions and weight and volume
  • Order Release Ship Unit – no dimensions only weight and volume
When you plan with the following planning parameters:
  • AutoCalc Weight & Volume = true
  • Check Equipment Capacity in Reference Units = true
  • Load Config Engine Type = Pattern Based Optimised
  • Container Opt Id = <your own config>
  • Load Config Volume Threshold = <your own value>
Your order will not plan successfully, and the planning engine will run indefinately and will crash the JVM when it finally runs out of memory.

In addition, Oracle Support has confirmed that ERU and Load Configuration only works together in 5.5 CU 4! - But this has yet to be verified independently

So for those who are using both ERU and Load Config in the same planning parameter please note. I will post my results once I migrate to CU4..

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Hope this helps!