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ground schedule overrules calendar?

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  • ground schedule overrules calendar?

    Hi Experts...
    I have following scenario:
    I have TL shipments between A and B. This TL shipment is based on a ground schedule with fixed departure and arrival times.
    The following shipment (TL or LTL) from B to C should start one day later to give the site B some time to handle the goods (e.g.: labeling, re-packing, etc.).

    What I did is I put a second Repetition Schedule Activity on the 2nd stop of the ground schedule:
    1. Arrive +1 (day), 10 (hours), 00 (minutes)
    2. Depart +2 (day), 08 (hours), 00 (minutes)

    This works as far as there are no days closed on the location calendar of site B (e.g.: Sat, Sun closed due to weekend).

    My issue is that the shipment from B to C starts on the next day even if the location B is defined to be closed on the location calendar (location role SHIP FROM/SHIP TO).

    In the calendar definition for site B I tried the following options to define the days as closed and to force the ground schedule to ignore these days and look for the next day defined as open:
    - CLOSED (perform)
    - LOAD (don't perform)
    - ACTIVATE (don't perform)
    - PICKUP (don't perform)
    - DISPATCH (don't perform)
    - OTHERS (don't perform)

    I really have no idea what else I can try and the OTM help doesn't help a lot...

    May be one of you has some hints what else I can try!

    System details (OTM Info):
    Software Version Otmv553
    Software Build Number 5.5 (Patch) (20070510220)
    Software Patch Version

    Thanks in advance for all your ideas!