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Location ID vs Location address

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  • Location ID vs Location address

    Hi All,

    If we have 2 different location ID's which have the same physical address, and our rate/itinerary is setup to support location to location, when the planning engine runs, does it only look at the location ID to consolidate or does it look at the location address? If the planning engine only looks at location ID then we may end up having 2 separate shipments, whereas if it looks at the location address then we will have 1 shipment. We'd certainly appreciate your insights.


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    Re: Location ID vs Location address

    It sounds like you should use substitute locations. (Check the routing tab for a location.) Pick one of the locations, say A, and make it the substitute location for B. That way OTM will plan all orders as if they were going to B.

    I do wonder why you have two location IDs for the same physical address. Generally that is not good practice, though you may have a specific exception.

    Finally, take a look at the load/unload points.


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      Re: Location ID vs Location address

      You can also change your rate to accept multiple locations. Instead of specifying the location ID, you can use a region with multiple locations.