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m/stop across 3 different states

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  • m/stop across 3 different states


    we are trying to create a multistop shipment from a plat in a state 1 to 2 destinations ( drop off) in state 2 & state 3.

    OTM creates 2 shipments (buy) with 4 stops instead of 3 stops with 1 shipment (buy). Have tried the following but the result is the same:

    1. put state 2 & state 3 in a region and tried location to region rates
    2. created lanes between all locations
    3. have mentioned in the rate off the number of stops / pick up and drop offs
    4. created lookup value for all distances

    however we were able to force merge the 2 shipments, any ways to get this working automatically.

    If we try the same scenario with state1 ( plant) to state 2 ( for 2 drops) it works fine automatically...

    pls advice ---