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How to plan a Shipment without any service provider and rates?

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  • How to plan a Shipment without any service provider and rates?


    I have a business requirement wherein i need to plan a shipment without any service provider and rates associated with it. I am told that there are some setups available in OTM to configure such business scenario. It would be of great help if anyone can let me know the setups required for such scenario.



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    Re: How to plan a Shipment without any service provider and rates?

    In our environment, we have two scenarios like that, one is our Customer Pickup orders, and the other is to build a shipment even though we don't have a valid rate record for the lane.

    Customer Pickup - We have several modes that signify that a customer will be pickup up a load at one of our locations, the order releases have a constraint that matches those modes. We have a event that is triggered twice daily during off hours to automatically build those Order Releases into Shipments, and we have a valid rate offering that is setup for a fake service provider (Customer Pickup) with no associated costs. For us, when a customer picks up that load, our locations are required to put in a pickup event. The daily events also look for Customer Pickup loads that are Enroute_Enroute and change them into an Enroute_Complete status.

    No Valid Rate - We also have Orders that we want to build into shipments although we don't have rates for that specific move. To accomplish that in our system, we have created an addition fake carrier (Bats Transportation) with an extremely high rate per mile so that it is always listed last in every list. Bats Transportation has a valid country to country record for all modes in all of the places we currently use OTM to manage transportation for us. This way if there is no other offering, Bats Transportation is the planned service provider. We have configured our tender agent to cancel and withdraw the tender if a load is tendered to Bats Transportation so that we can still go through a standard tender process, and not process any carriers that would be more expensive than the rate we have in for Bats Transportation.

    Hope those are helpful.