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Ignoring Planning Constraints

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  • Ignoring Planning Constraints

    Does the Ignore Planning Constraints functionality only support the turning off Order Release criteria during the planning of a single shipment?

    Has anyone used the Ignore Planning Constraints screen to turn off Order Release criteria prior to kicking off a Bulk Plan containing multiple Order Releases?

    In my testing, I am finding that if I turn off the Location Calendar Constraints pre-Bulk Plan, it does not seem to have an effect, meaning the shipment DOES honor all Location Calendars.

    I am working in a 5.5 CU3 environment...

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    Re: Ignoring Planning Constraints

    Order release constraints will only taken into consideration only if itinerary leg is marked as primary.

    Please check on primary flag in related itinerary you are using to plan these orders. Only then whatever you mention on constraint page will be honored by planning engine.

    Please let me know whether it works
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: Ignoring Planning Constraints

      According to the Ignore Planning Constraints section of OTM Help:-
      "Equipment Constraints

      Equipment Capacity

      Only affects the Move Order to Existing Shipment and Combine Shipments actions and does not impact the build shipment or container optimization process."

      Unfortunately this means that it is not possible to ever Ignore Equipment Constraints when Bulk Planning.