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Cooperative Routing Problem! Need help!

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  • Cooperative Routing Problem! Need help!


    I've got some problems with CR, and I will very mcuh appreciate if you'll help me to solve them:

    1) As a result of Aggregation process I've got 9 LVA and 2 LVF, but I can't see number of aggregations and forecasts in CR Aggreegation screen, it's blank. (see attached screenshot)
    2) Also, it’s some kind of problem with Aggregation. I’ve got 4 shipments from Reg1 to Reg2 and 4 shipments from Reg2 to Reg1, 8 shipments overall. But as a result of aggregation I’ve got 9 records and there the same source region and destination region in each (Reg 2), why it’s happened? How to solve it? (see attached screenshot)

    Thank you in advance!!!
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    Re: Cooperative Routing Problem! Need help!

    These are the actions that I recorded when performing some testing on the Cooperative Routing Functionality. Hopefully it offers some assistance.

    Steps to be taken for CR:

    1)Upload the Shipment data into P_SHIPMENT Table (which is historical shipment data from 2007. This set of shipments won’t affect the production data).

    2)Create Regions.

    Note: It is important to create “Representative Location” for each region for co-operative routing. This associates the region with a location to be used in region-distance calculations. This is not required for general functionality but regions without representative locations are ignored by cooperative routing aggregation.

    3)Group the Regions into a Region Group.

    4)Create a Shipment Set containing a Constraint Set. Note: The Start and End Dates are similar to the shipment dates.

    5)Run Action to Assign Shipments to Shipment Set.

    6)Update thePlanning Parameter Set accordingly.

    7)Create a Cycle Definition (A cycle definition defines the periodic cycle for the project and the time slots into which the historical shipments will be aggregated).

    Create a CR Project (groups all of the shipment sets and scenarios in one place) and attached the Shipment Set created above.

    9)Run the Launch Aggregation Action on the CR Project. This creates the Lane Volume Aggregations (aggregates the historical shipments data) and Lane Volume Forecasts (forecasts periodic shipment volume by date and user-defined geographical lane),

    10) Create a CR Constraints Set (define the constraints such as “Min Distance Btw Shipments”, “Max Distance Btw Shipments” and “Max Route Deadhead Distance” etc).

    11) Create a CR Fleet.

    12) Create a CR Scenario and attached the CR Project and Fleet.

    13) Run the Launch CR Solver Action (this produces the cost saving routes).

    14) Process and commit the CR Route.
    15) Open the Scenario Lane Volume Forecast Commitments page to review the scenario commitments.
    16) Open the Scenario Summary page to view the overall details of the solution.
    17) Attempt to Convert the CR Route to a Route Template.


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      Re: Cooperative Routing Problem! Need help!

      Thank you Joe,

      But I used very similar scenario, the main difference, that I didn't upload the shipments but added each one manually. I'm looking through you scenarion step by step and repeated each step and...nothing, the same result((( Also It's strange that it's still blank CR Aggregation screen and i can't see number of LVA and LVF there, but CR creates LVA and LVF


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        Re: Cooperative Routing Problem! Need help!

        I got some kind of a same problem where in I have got the aggregation results but while running the CR solver I am not able to get any CR routes. Also I actually manually created each shipment.

        Kindly advise

        Ayush Saxena


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          Re: Cooperative Routing Problem! Need help!

          Any help on the above issue is appreciable.

          Ayush Saxena


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            Re: Cooperative Routing Problem! Need help!


            Is anyone aware of the complete process of Cooperative Routing, specifically what is the next step once the Route Template is created ?
            What is the use of Route Template ?