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Dynamic Planning/Rating from Shipment Actuals

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  • Dynamic Planning/Rating from Shipment Actuals


    Our planning solution involves splitting of order releases into order movements when the releases are received in the system and bulk planning them at a specific cut-off time prior to the shipping date. Considering a multi-leg shipment scenario wherein a particular shipunit (from the planned shipment) is not actually loaded/pickedup in the 1st leg shipment, how do we ensure that the subsequent and related legs are re-planned/re-planned dynamically based on the shipment actuals entered for the 1st leg?

    The carriers usually enter ship unit details (ship unit quantity, weights, volumes) for all shipments via Pickup events in OTM UI. But OTM is not allowing them to delete the shipunits or enter packaged item count=0 against any shipunit.

    The requirement from the business is to allow these actuals (removal of ship units) to be propogated to the subsequent/related legs (order movements/shipments) so that we can perform accurate and real-time transport planning including equipment/rate optmization more dynamically. While are running out of ideas, we still have some hope that a product like OTM can handle such common scenarios without much hassle.Any guidance in handling this requirement is much appreciated.


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    Re: Dynamic Planning/Rating from Shipment Actuals

    Hello friends,

    Did anyone among you manage to handle such scenarios in OTM? Any guidance would be of great help.Thanks in advance.