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  • planning accessorial time

    I want to to acheive the following: I have a soecial service defined on an order, that special service includes an accessorial code as well as the cost. When I plan the order with others in a multistop shipment the appropiate service provider who offers the special service is selected. I also defined a time for that accessorial on a rate service but I can not make it work that this time will be factored in the planning of the shipment. Any thoughts?

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    Re: planning accessorial time

    Hi ,

    accessorial can be set on various levels in rates.

    I am not sure What you have configured and what you are trying to achieve ?

    Please give me an example / sample scenario. I am not clear with your last point



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      Re: planning accessorial time

      Here are some details:

      I defined a special service with accessorial code and accessorial cost. I have a service provider delivering that special service and I have an order requesting that special service. I also added an accessorial time to a rate service. What I want to acheive is that during planning the accessorial time will be calculated when the shipment is build but that dies not happen.
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