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Changing Transport Mode From Unknown To Blank

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  • Changing Transport Mode From Unknown To Blank

    We have a situation where the following occurs:

    A flag from integration sets the TRANSPORT MODE to UNKNOWN in order to prevent orders from planning. When the order is finalized and ready to go, the integration then changes the TRANSPORT MODE from UNKNOWN to blank.

    The situation is such that if the order integrates with the TRANPORT MODE set to blank, the shipments will create using the rates set for both the subdomain the order was integrated into as the rates for the main domain. If the order integrates initially with the TRANSPORT MODE set to UNKOWN and then is changed to blank at a later time, the shipments will only create using the rates from the main domain. The system seems to skip processing the rates from the subdomain that the order was integrated into.

    I have reviewed the logs and cannot determine why the logic is as such. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?