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  • Order Bundling and Ranking

    I have an issue where I need to rank orders to do priority based order bundling.

    I can possibly force delivery dates and date focus but is there a way to rank by a numerical hierarchy? 1's before 2's?



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    Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

    Are you talking about Sequencing Requirements for Multistop Shipments? If so, you should look into the Dropoff Routing Sequence Functionality. If not, please clarify your requirements.


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      Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

      No, it would be ranking orders based on a process code If you were to have 1 spot available on a shipment, a code that equates to a rank of 1 would get priority over a code with a rank of 2 or 3.

      The only way I can think to do this is with agents and setting dates and date focus in order to get order bundling to assign spots correctly.

      However, there may be cases were a rank of 2 out weighs a rank of 1.



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        Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

        Hi Rick,

        Were you able to get this? Also wanted to know what you meant by doing it through Date focus?
        Please do let me know if you were able to get this. I am also trying a similar scenario. I am on 5.5 CU4

        Anirban Roy


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          Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

          No, I was not able to get it working. There is ranking in version 6.0 but I have not had a chance to work with it.

          By Date Focus, I was referring to the Date Emphasis on the Order Release. It can be sent to pickup, delivery or both. With pickup OTM only honors the pickup dates and not the delivery dates, delivery does the opposite and both causes OTM to use both pickup and delivery dates when calculating shipments and if the shipment is feasible.

          It is set to a default of both in OTM.



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            Re: Order Bundling and Ranking


            OTM is not able to handle your requirement automatically, due to the nature of the bulk plan (BP) routine. OTM will try to build shipments for all orders you select for the bulk plan, and will only fail to plan those orders for which no shipments can be built (for many reasons like no rate, dates not feasible, etc.). To be clear, those failed orders will ALWAYS fail to plan, either if you plan them alone or with a bunch of other orders together.

            What you would like is to have OTM fail to plan an order based on some conditions that are not known prior to the BP result. To me, this sounds like a chicken and egg scenario.

            OTM does have some optimizing routines that run after the BP is completed, but these do not include kicking out orders from the BP result.

            The solution I could see working is to set up some saved queries (SQ) for the BP:

            SQ1: Orders with Rank 1
            SQ2: Orders with Rank 1 and 2
            SQ3: Orders with Rank 1, 2 and 3

            First run a BP for SQ1, look at the resulting shipments and tender (lock the shipment) the ones that have no spots available. Then run a BP for SQ2: the orders on the shipments that were not full will be replanned with the Rank 2 orders. Note that you may run into a problem here that the second BP result could create a full shipment with Rank 1 and 2 orders, and a half full shipment with Rank 1 orders, so you need some manual intervention here.

            Hope this is clear.



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              Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

              not sure if this is falls under this discussion...hope so

              We are testing some of our settings and are expecting to have a Bulk Plan FAIL, but it keeps putting these 2 releases together on the same shipment...

              Here is one of the scenarios that we are trying. Both Order Releases happen to be to the same Location, but we are wondering why if the Delivery Dates are different why it is still putting them together.
              Originally we had SHIP for the Date Emphasis. But we then tried changing the Date Emphasis to BOTH and it still put them together on the same shipment?

              Order Release #1
              Early Pickup Date - 2011-02-07 03:00
              Late Pickup Date - 2011-02-08 10:59
              Early Delivery Date - 2011-02-11 10:59
              Late Delivery Date - 2011-02-11 10:59

              Order Release #2
              Early Pickup Date - 2011-02-10 03:00
              Late Pickup Date - 2011-02-11 22:59
              Early Delivery Date - 2011-02-12 22:59
              Late Delivery Date - 2011-02-12 22:59

              Our concern is when we do Bulk Planning, it is going to be putting things together that are making other releases late?

              Any help would be much appreciated!!


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                Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

                Turn on order bundling and service time in your logs, rerun your bulk plan and review the logs. First guess is that max wait times are set high which is allowing a time overlap to occur so OTM is able to bundle the shipments together.



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                  Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

                  Do you have any calendars attached to your source/destination location? There is possiblity both your early and late delivery dates are after calendar hours, If so it will plan on the next day calendar hours and by doing this it can also consolidate!


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                    Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

                    Thank you both for your replies!

                    We did have the logs on already, and I did notice that for one of them it went through and created an inExtendedTimeWindow, which set the Pickup Date BACK one day and the Delivery Date AHEAD one day for the 2nd release I think it was...But I wasn't sure what to look at that would be causing that.

                    I know another thing that we had tried was setting the Max Time Window to 12 hours, but that did not seem to make a difference.

                    I will do some more testing and check the calendars.
                    Also, dont know if it matters but we are on 6.1.2


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                      Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

                      OK, so I've been doing lots of testing, changing lots of things (times on release/emphasis mainly.) Also, changing my dates to be within the Calendar time of the Location (which was 8-5 M-F)
                      When I look at the logs, there is a LOT there, even when I narrow it to OrderBundling. Is there a specific process or word that I should be focusing on?

                      I did finally get these to plan to 2 shipments with the below combination.
                      I had tried the Max Time Window for the Rate Service to 1 hour without any results. I then noticed on our Parameter Set that there was a parameter called 'Max Bundle Overlap Tolerance', which was set at 1 Day. I changed this to 1 H, cleared the cache using the servlets, and replanned for the below times - which finally went to 2 shipments!

                      Both at SHIP
                      Order #1
                      Early PU Date 2011-02-07 08:00
                      Late PU Date 2011-02-08 16:00
                      Early Del Date 2011-02-11 22:59
                      Late Del Date 2011-02-11 22:59

                      Order #2
                      Early PU Date 2011-02-09 08:00
                      Late PU Date 2011-02-010 16:00
                      Early Del Date 2011-02-11 22:59
                      Late Del Date 2011-02-11 22:59

                      Can someone explain to me the difference between the Max Time Window and the Max Bundle Overlap Tolerance Parameter value? Does one
                      override the other? Also, I still left Max Wait Time to 2 Days on the Rate Service...What kind of affect does that have?

                      Thanks muchly!!!
                      Janel Hansen


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                        Re: Order Bundling and Ranking

                        Starting from 5.5 CU5 RU8 / 5.5 CU6 RU3 / 6.0.6 / 6.1.2, Oracle introduced a parameter to control sorting of dates during Order Bundling.
                        This specifies which date is used to sort the orders in order bundling
                        0 = SORT_BY_EARLY_PICKUP_DATE
                        1 = SORT_BY_LATE_PICKUP_DATE
                        2 = SORT_BY_EARLY_DELIVERY_DATE
                        3 =SORT_BY_LATE_DELIVERY_DATE
                        Also added the following parameter: Bundle Max Num Of Days (in Order Management section). This specifies the maximum number of days the order dates can be apart of each other in an order bundle. The order date is the date specified in the property above (orderSortByDateType). The default, 0, means no restriction. The default is set to 0 to maintain backward compatibility.
                        The existing logic was hard-coded to sort orders by late delivery date. Now the user has the ability to sort by another date. The existing logic does not sort orders by volume. It appears to be sorted because the logic goes through the list of bundles already built and tries to add new orders to the bundles. The bundles in the front of the list get more chances.
                        Joseph Liang
                        MavenWire APAC