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  • Monitoring Bulk Plan

    Hi :

    We are using OTM 5.5 CU2 RU05

    Is there a way in OTM where we can monitor Bulk plan ?

    If not, by looking at the OTM logs, can we tell about its progress.

    We are performing a bulk plan but we do not have any idea when it is going to end.

    I would really appreciate any help on this.


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    Re: Monitoring Bulk Plan

    There is a Planning Parameter called MINIMUM ORDERS FOR MILESTONE COLLECTION. The default setting is 50 orders. This means that any Bulk Plans containing 50 or more orders will display Planning Milestones within the Milestone Metrics section on the Performance Tab. For any Bulk Plan attempting to optimize less than 50 orders, the Performance Tab does not show this data because it is not written to the database. Decrease this setting to force OTM to display the Milestones for Bulk Plans with less than 50 orders.


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      Re: Monitoring Bulk Plan

      Thanks Joe.

      I dont see such a parameter in the table PLANNING_PARAMETER_QUALIFIER.
      The version we are using in CU2 RU05.

      So this parameter - Is it in newer version ?

      Also can you send a screen shot of the Performance Tab you mentioned ?

      Thanks again


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        Re: Monitoring Bulk Plan

        I've attached some screenshots in a Word Document.

        I am not quite sure but these may have been added with 5.5 CU4...
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