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  • Error while planning

    Hi ,
    I had released an order prior to this error for the same origin and destination, but when I am repeating the same step again - I am getting below error. I had copied the same order release which was successfully released. To just check if the problem is because of capacity /commitment constraints - I unassigned the previously created shipments as well. However the error still persists. Can some one help me with where I need to look for the cause of this error?


    2009-02-27 00:47:58.298 719373 Error Exception java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/dashoptimization/XPRS
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/dashoptimization/XPRS
    at glog.optimization.mip.dash.DashSolver.initializeLi cense(
    at glog.optimization.mip.dash.DashSolver.<init>(DashS
    at glog.optimization.mip.MIPSolver.getLocalSolver(MIP
    at glog.optimization.mip.MIPSolver.getSolver(MIPSolve
    at glog.optimization.mip.MIPSolver.getSolver(MIPSolve
    at izer.optimizeServiceProviderAssignments(ServicePro
    at e.optimize(
    at e.optimize(
    at e.optimize(
    at gnedOrders(
    at planOrders(
    at planOrders(
    at rders(
    at EJBWrapper.planOrders(OrderActionSessionServerSide
    at d_EOImpl.planOrders(OrderActionSessionHome_likuwd_
    at glog.server.workflow.adhoc.BulkPlan.executeOrder(B
    at glog.server.workflow.adhoc.BulkPlan.execute(BulkPl
    at glog.server.workflow.SimpleWorkflow.execute(Simple
    at glog.server.workflow.WorkflowSessionBean.execute(W
    at glog.server.workflow.WorkflowSessionNonTransServer SideEJBWrapper_t6tuwu_EOImpl.execute(WorkflowSessi 100)
    at glog.server.workflow.WorkflowManager.execute(Workf
    at glog.server.workflow.Trigger.trigger( 111)
    at glog.util.event.MemoryEventQueueRunnable.processEv ent(
    at 9)
    at Source)
    [batch - 2]
    2009-02-27 00:47:58.392 719373 Debug Planning Attempting to set Status of OrderRelease: FWD/MAC.VIPIN-0005 to PLANNED - FAILED [batch - 2]