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  • Timezone/Date Conversion

    I was wondering how other people tackle this issue.

    Basically we are starting to use our system for long distances, and we have an issue that the planners are putting in the anticipated delivery dates, but they are not in the same timezone as the destination, so the time gets converted.

    Say the shipment is going from New York to China, and we expect it to deliver 3-15. If the planner (who is in New York) puts in 3-15 to the end time on the shipment, OTM thinks that is an Eastern Time Zone time, and converts +13 hours to Shanghai local time, which could easily change the date of delivery on the shipment...

    We are receiving the information as local time in China, and so we would want it to enter as local time... However we can't set the planners timezone as China as there are multiple countries that they are working in, and we would have the same issue on Start Time if we did anyway.

    I suggested that we set the timezone of the destination location as Eastern Time, and OTM wouldn't convert the times then, however I'm told that we would then have an issue with EDI...

    How are other people handling this?