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  • X-dock deconsolidation


    We have a scenario where the orders needs to be consolidated at source and delivered to a deconsolidation pool and from there it should be distributed to the final destinations.

    Example: Order1 ==> Moves from A to B to C
    Order2 ==>Moves from A to B to D

    Both order 1 and Order 2 Should get consolidated at A and move to De-consolidation Pool B and from B it should deconsolidate and delivered to C and D respectively.

    I have created a Iteneary with 2 legs and declared B as De consolidation Pool in leg1.
    The other leg is for final destination.

    When I try with this set up instead of 3 shipments OTM is building 4 shipments.In this set up

    For Order 1 Shipement build from A to B and rom B to C
    For Order 2 shipment build from A to B and B to D.

    I want 3 shipments with Order 1 and Order 2 travel as one shipment from A to B and from there it de-consolidated into 2 seperate shipments(B to C and B to D)

    Kindly advice to achive our scenario.


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    Re: X-dock deconsolidation

    Hi Karthik,

    For the case mentioned above. What are the Rate Offerings that you have created?

    What i would suggest is to have 3 Rate offerings
    1. From A to B (TL rate offering type)
    2. From B to the Destination Region (put C& D in one region) create LTL Rate Offfering type
    3. Handling Rate Offering for B which is the De consolidation point.

    Try planning again after doing the above setup.

    If it still does not work what you can try next is, modify you itinerary.
    Instead of Multi-leg what you can do is check the "Deconsolidation Pool" check box and also the "Match Deconsol Pool To Dest" check box in the itinerary parameters tab. and create itinerary from Source A to Destination region.

    Let me know if this works.



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      Re: X-dock deconsolidation


      I know this thread was raised few years ago, but I am just wondering if any of our expert with OTM has the solution with this kind of scenario. The last given solution did not work as i have tried. TIA.