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[SOLVED] Multistop 1leg of multileg

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  • [SOLVED] Multistop 1leg of multileg

    Hi Friends,
    I have the following scenario:
    I have 2 order releases A->B and A->E.
    The same truck goes from A->B->C and then another truck from C->D and another one from D->E.
    I created a multileg itinerary for this with A as source and destination region as B,E.
    Leg 1: A->C
    Leg 2: C->D
    Leg 3: D->E
    The first leg is MULTISTOP INTO ONE EQUIPMENT. Created rate record for all the legs. and also from A->B. When i plan the 2 order releases it gives me 6 shipments. But wanted only 3. I wanted the o/p to be like this:
    A->B->C multistop for the first leg,

    Can someone please help me out here in achieving this....

    Anirban Roy

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    Re: Multistop 1leg of multileg

    I don't understand how you would get 6 shipments in your scenario? I would think you would get 4.

    1. A to B
    2. A to C
    3. C to D
    4. D to E


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      Re: Multistop 1leg of multileg

      Yes, it is creating 6 shipments even though i have given the destination id in the last leg. i tried a few more things. Can someone please let me know if this is possible and what i should be doing to make this happen:

      There are 6 locations (A,B,C,D,E,F). 2 order releases are created. A->F and A->C. Expected Shipments:
      i.e. 5 shipments. We created the itinerary with the following details:
      Destination->F,C in a region.
      There are 4 legs in the itinerary.
      Leg 1: destination B, role as De-consolidation (Auto consolidate: consol into one equipment)
      Leg 2: destination as location profile of C,D. role as Ship from/Ship to.
      Leg 3: destination E, location profile ship to/ ship from
      Leg 4: destination F, location profile ship to/ ship from. Also given a location profile which says not compatible with C.
      The ORs are bulk planned. The OR from A->F is getting planned correctly i.e. it is splitting into A->B,B->D,D->E,E->F
      But the OR from A->C, it is splitting in the following way: A->B,B->C,C->E,E->C instead of just 2 shipments i.e. A->B and B->C.
      When we do a bulk plan of both the ORs i.e. A->C and A->F it creates 8 shipments.

      We were expecting 5 shipments. The shipments for OR A->C should have ended on leg 2 itself but continued to the last leg even though destination Id in Leg 4 was F.

      Please do let me know if we can achieve this scenario.
      Anirban Roy


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        Re: Multistop 1leg of multileg

        I was able to get this scenario working. Parameter short circuit leg needs to be set to true.