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  • Shell Shipment

    Ho do we create a Shell Shipment in OTM? As in the Shipment remains but the order releases are removed from it.


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    Re: Shell Shipment

    I don't think you can. Can you explain the business scenario under which you would want to do this ? There may be other ways of achieving the same result.


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      Re: Shell Shipment

      The client wants to be able to pre-book the carrier and equipment for a shipment. So the flow is as follows
      1) Order Releases are created
      2) The business uses this order release to book a carrier and an equipment by creating a shipment.
      3) These order releases are not the final order releases because there is a possibility that items and other information might change in it.
      4) So they remove the order releases from the shipment. and leave the shipment as a "shell shipment". Make the changes to the order release and then re-add it to the same shipment.

      Is there any way that has been used for the above process in the past.



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        Re: Shell Shipment


        You can try creating empty (Shell) shipments using ground schedule functionality in OTM.

        Order releases (once confirmed i.e. item etc.) can be assigned to these shipments at a later stage.
        Nipun Lakhotia
        Manager, EY


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          Re: Shell Shipment


          The Following are the steps for creating a Shell Shipment .In the Buy Shipment screen, select the following check boxes

          Identification Tab
          • Service Provider Fixed
          • Service Time Fixed
          • Permanent
          Financials Tab
          • Cost Fixed
          • Rate Record Fixed
          • Rate Offering Fixed

          Select the Fixed Arrival, Fixed Departure check box and specify the Arbitrary type, Stop Requirement Type in the Shipment Stop tab for all the stops.. Save the details.

          Now when u unassign the Order Release, this Shipment will be available.

          When u want to assign an Order to this Shipment, u need to verify the Arrival, Departure time and u need to create the Shipment Equipment.

          Note: I have tried this only for a Single leg itinerary.

          Hope this helps u...



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            Re: Shell Shipment

            If the above solution is not workable from an end user perspective (I would not rely on an end user to perform those activities each time this scenario arises), the normal way of resolving the process you outline is not to remove the order releases from the related shipments, but to use the order modification workflows within OTM to process modifications to order releases as part of the automated workflow. Check out the agent actions:

            Order Release - Mod - Edit Shipment
            Order Release - Mod - Full Impact
            Order Release - Mod - Future Processing
            Order Release - Mod - No Processing
            Order Release - Mod - Propagate Changes
            Replan Last Leg

            These are some of the standard Order Modification actions you can use, but also, if required you can also create custom workflow to suit your requirements. You can also use thresholds to determine when modifications to the original order releases actually justify re-sending the details to the carrier.