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  • OTM as Simulator

    i'm new on the forum. thanks to everybody for the help.
    i'm working on OTM into my company from 8 months, and i'm developing new flows multistops, milkrun and x dock.

    i would like to simulate the planning of one year Order releases in order to analize the benefits for the new flows.

    my problem is that if i plan toghether differents OR with differents early pickup dats OTM bundle everithing toghether.

    there's a way to plan more shipments but having the bundle only for the shipments with the same early pickup date?

    thanks a lot

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    Re: OTM as Simulator


    In OTM, "What -IF Scenario" (while running the bulk plan) can be used to see planning results ( no. of shipments, costs, service providers etc.) without creating the actual shipments. In that ways -Yes, it act as planning simulator.

    But, the above solution to works only if no shipment is planned for the given order releases. Otherwise, bulk plan will first un-assign order releases from shipments and then run "what -if- scenario" analysis on them.

    If you want bulk plan to bundle only those order releases who have same early pickup date then try using "Ship with group" constraint on order releases.[using sql based automation agents]
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: OTM as Simulator

      i know the what if scenario function, but unfortunately i have to compare 8000 order releases in order to define the benefits of differents rates and transports.
      so i have a test environment where i need to phisically replan everithing.

      i will try the Ship with group solution.

      thanks a lot