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Air Schedules and Bulk Planning

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  • Air Schedules and Bulk Planning

    I have a few questions for those of you that are proficient with air schedules and how they work in the bulk planning process...

    • Air Schedule setup with 2 interim flights effective from 6-1-2009 to 7-31-2009
    • Air Schedule is only effective on Sundays and interim flights leave on Sunday and arrive on Monday morning
    • I have my itinerary setup with 3 legs:
    • First leg is going to airport with multistop into one equipment
    • Second leg is the primary leg going to another airport with consol into one equipment selected
    • Third leg is the final leg going to the destination

    • Does OTM only consider the first available flight? I have noticed that OTM will only select the first available flight based on your early pickup time on order releases. This is despite the fact that OTM should consider that my flight schedule is active from 6-1-2009 to 7-31-2009.
    • How can I get OTM to backwards plan from the primary leg? I have noticed that no matter what I have tried so far on the planning parameters that OTM will select the first available flight and then the first leg may have a lot of time between delivery and the flight departure or the last leg will have a lot of time between the arrival and final delivery... I would expect that based on my constraint on my location role to "Max Freight Idle Time" set to 4 hours that OTM would plan the cartage legs accordingly.

    Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on what else I can try I would appreciate it! I've tried changing a number of the planning parameters but that hasn't really gotten me anywhere.

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    Re: Air Schedules and Bulk Planning


    To make OTM backward plan based on the primary leg please do the following:
    1. Change the planning parameter "Minimize wait time in Service Time Calculation" = true
    2. Also give the Max Wait time in your air rate service.
    3. Do not need to give the "Max Freight Idle Time" in location tab.
    When u plan with the revised planning parameter OTM will build the shipments on the first and third leg based on the timings of the second leg - air shipment.

    This should resolve the issue

    Divya Bhansali
    Divya Bhansali