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  • Multi-Stop / Multi-Leg

    In previous versions of OTM it was my understanding that one could not build multi-stop / multi-leg shipments due to itinerary limitations. Is anyone far enough along in version 6.0 to know if this is still the case? Here's the challenge I'm trying to solve, and I'm thinking that OTM can handle this:
    multi-pickups from multi-origins to a consolidation pool, then a consolidated dray leg, then an ocean move to a final port with no deconsolidation.

    Sounds feasible, does it not?

    Displayed below is a limitation that I found in OTM Help, but I don't think it applies to my scenario:
    "You cannot design an itinerary that uses more than one cross-dock; however, you can design an itinerary that includes a cross-dock and a deconsolidation pool."

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    Re: Multi-Stop / Multi-Leg

    AFAIK a multistop-dray-ocean 3 leg itin is already possible in 5.5