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Containerisation and compartments

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  • Containerisation and compartments

    Hi all,
    Currently running v5.0.
    Just trying to optimise a container(TEU) with various compartments.
    The issue I'm having at the moment is that the solution requires only 1 item per compartment. (4 compartments in this option, but have other mutli compartment options)

    My settings are:
    Container Opt Config: Minimise number of containers, Weight metric.

    Equipment Group Compartment: Max Metric 1 = 1, Max Metric 2 = 1.

    Max Weight: 6.5 MTON. i.e. 4 compartments 28 MTON TEU.

    Max Volume: 10.5 CUMTR.

    TEU Equivalents: 1.

    Just looking for any clues on how to get the 1 item in the 1 compartment, while keeping the utilisation of the TEU fairly high.



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    Re: Containerisation and compartments

    Hi Sus,

    I may not have the answer for you, but got intrigued and decided to help you out.

    First of all, Max Metric. I've read online help, and the only way how this could work is if OTM would have these metric values as well on order/item level, but I can't find them there. You may want to ask Oracle Support how to set up a scenario using Max Metric.

    If there isn't a logic in OTM behind Max Metric, you may need to resort to workarounds using one of the available compartment constraints.

    Or you could ensure the rate for this equipment allows a maximum of 4 items. This way OTM may put the 4 items neatly together in one single compartment and leave the rest empty, but your warehouse folks would know better.