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Shipment Start time not updated if Tendered

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  • Shipment Start time not updated if Tendered

    Hi :

    We are using 5.5 CU5 RU6.

    We have an LTL Shipment (only one Order Release) that is Tendered (PICKUP_NOTIFICATION). The Early Pickup Date of the Order release is modified (advanced by 1 day). The Shipment start time does not get updated even though the Shipment is still feasible. If the Shipment is not Tendered (NOT_STARTED) the Shipment Start time is updated.

    (We have an Agent is runs the Mod Edit Shipment action upon this change)

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Shipment Start time not updated if Tendered

    This makes all perfect sense from an operational point of view. If carrier has received a tender with a pickup date, he should be informed if you try to make changes. So, for tendered shipments, order changes should not be automatically propagated to shipments.

    The proper procedure should be for order date changes after tendering: withdraw tender, change order, retender shipment.