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Scheduling Bulk Plan

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  • Scheduling Bulk Plan

    Hi all,

    We can use Process management to schedule Bulk plans at some specific date/time as well as at the desired frequency.
    e.g. bulk plan should run every day at 12:15pm.

    • Is there a way in OTM to schedule bulk plans such that they don't run on Saturday/Sunday and on some pre-defined holidays?

    • Can we schedule bulk plans based on some calendar?

    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY

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    Re: Scheduling Bulk Plan

    No standard way for what you are trying to do.
    But you can use Agent (or DB scheduler) to adjust NEXT_PROCESS_TIME in PROCESS_CONTROL_REQUEST table based on your rules.
    Joseph Liang
    MavenWire APAC


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      Re: Scheduling Bulk Plan

      A simple way to skip the weekend is to set up 5 process managers (Mon-Fri) all repeating 7 days. To (manually) manage other holidays: if you know that on a certain Wednesday it will be a holiday, than you can manually move the date of the Wednesday-process a week forward a couple of days before it will run.

      A tad more complex is to use a daily process manager and to include a day-of-week check in the saved query for the orders to be planned.

      One client knew that on non-business days their order system would not create orders in OTM, so it used this information in the bulk plan query to run a plan or not.

      I know people have attempted to use data in the calendar database tables to manage this, but not successfully to my humble knowledge.
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