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Multistop After Deconsolidation Pool

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  • Multistop After Deconsolidation Pool

    I'm experiencing an outcome that is less than optimal. When bulk planning orders that result in a TL to a deconsolidation pool all orders are being dropped at the deconsolidation pool. A better outcome is for a particular order to remain on the TL shipment and deliver to the destination AFTER the other orders are dropped at the deconsolidation pool. It is a substantially less expensive outcome if the TL carrier delivers to this customer destination.

    TL and pool rates appear to be set up correctly.

    Itineraries are set up correctly.

    Planning parameters or multistop default or logic configuration seem to be set up correctly, but I could envision that a setting might need a change in one of these areas.

    Any ideas on what I might want to try changing?

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    Re: Multistop After Deconsolidation Pool

    From OTM Help How to Configure Cross-Docks and Pools: "At a cross-dock or pool location, orders are moved from the shipment in which they arrived to another shipment from which they exit the location by handling shipments."

    Hence, OTM is not able to model your scenario. However, you could allow the TL shipment to make additional stops so it can drop off deliveries BEFORE arriving at the pool.