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Multistop Pickup After Crossdock

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  • Multistop Pickup After Crossdock

    Hi all,

    We have a complicated itinerary requirement that we can't seem to crack.

    We have 2 groups or orders:

    Group 1: Pickup at Vendor 1 in TX, deliver to Factory1 in CA
    Group 2: Pickup at Vendor 2 in NM, deliver to Factory1 in CA

    We need to have Carrier 1 pickup Order Group 1 at Vendor 1 in TX and deliver to a DC in TX(X-dock), where Carrier 2 would pick up Order Group 1, then go to Vendor 2 in NM to pick up Order Group 2 and continue on to Factory1 in CA.

    What we are getting in the bulk plan results is that both groups of orders are drayed to the DC and then moved to the factory in CA.

    We have tried the following:

    1) A multi-stop itinerary with the cross-dock location defined
    2) A multi-leg itinerary with stops at the cross-dock and vendor2 defined.(This resulted in multiple shipments from NM - TX - NM).

    Any suggestions or things we may have missed?

    Attached is a drawing showing the scenario.
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    Re: Multistop Pickup After Crossdock

    Even OCS needs this forum these days...

    Don't think this will work, because the multi-stop itin w/ x-dock will ship the NM order either direct or through the x-dock. You could make it work with order movements, which will open an entirely new can of worms.


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      Re: Multistop Pickup After Crossdock

      The only way I was able make it work was with a ground schedule on leg 2. Order Movements would work too, but I was really hoping to stay away from those.

      Thanks for the response...


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        Re: Multistop Pickup After Crossdock

        I believe this can be achievable through setting up an itinerary (single itinerary for both X-DOCK AND MULTI-STOP) and attach ditribution center location as cross dock into leg 1.

        Kindly try to create a single itinerary for both x-dock and mulit-stop
        Create region and assign to x-dock location for creating multi-stop shipment from x-dock.



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          Re: Multistop Pickup After Crossdock

          for more information please refer below link.Here i've attached spreadsheet for the similar scenario.