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Manual Pool Shipment Building?

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  • Manual Pool Shipment Building?

    My client has a requirement where they may want to build a pool shipment even though direct LTL is cheaper. How can this be accomplished through manual planning?

    1 - Orders from source to pool location need to go TL for the linehaul to the pool.
    2 - Orders need to go LTL from the pool (deconsolidation pool) to the destination locations
    3 - This will result in two service providers, and correspondingly, two shipments per order.

    If a bulk plan is run OTM determines that direct LTL from source to destination(s) is clearly cheaper.

    I've thought of using rate quality percentages on some of the LTL rates but I don't like this approach because there will be times when there is not enough freight to justify a pool truck at all, and direct LTL will need to be the way to go.

    Ideas? How can I build a TL from the source to the pool, and LTLs from the pool to the destinations, and most importantly, do it in a fairly efficient manner?

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    Re: Manual Pool Shipment Building?

    The question is: what is a 'fairly efficient manner'?

    From what you describe, the clients sometimes want the pool shipment even though LTL is cheaper, and there will be times when there isn't enough freight to justify a pool truck.

    I would recommend analyzing some scenarios to find the break even point from a client perspective and try to tweak rate quality to achieve the same. Questions you need to ask: below what weight/volume is a pool truck not acceptable, even though the total bulk plan costs is lower? Why doesn't the client want the cheapest option; is he considering hidden costs?