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[SOLVED] Building SELL Shipments (Time-Window Problem)

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  • [SOLVED] Building SELL Shipments (Time-Window Problem)

    Dear All,

    I got a very basic question about building SELL SHIPMENTS in OTM.

    The Scenario is:

    Current System Date: 26/July/2007

    Order Release - Pickup Date: 01/JULY/2007
    Order Release - Delivery Date:05/July/2007

    BUY Shipment was planned and build as per planning parameter sets.

    Now, I need to builld a sell shipment as of now (26/July/2007). Wwhen I select the OR and plan the same, OTM is unable to plan and comes with "Time Infeasible" Error, since the delivery date has expired.

    Since SELL Shipments are logical shipments, OTM should have some configuration in the planning or itineraries to ignore the time windows.

    Can any one help me by offering advice in this regard?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Building SELL Shipments (Time-Window Problem)

    Hi Sanju,

    We have a similar scenario when we plan a sell shipment once a customer return has been received in one of our warehouses. Have you tried changing the Time Emphasis to PAST before planning the Sell Shipment?

    If that does not do the trick you can also check that the Rate Service assigned to your Sell Rate Offering will provide enough time to meet the shipment time windows. You can test that by using the Ask G-Log Distance query. If you require further help, please let me know.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro Barba


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      Re: Building SELL Shipments (Time-Window Problem)

      Hi alejandro,

      I got the break-through. I constrainted DATA EMPHASIS as PAST in OR's Constraint tab and I was able to build shipments with old dates. Thanks a lot.

      Kindly ignore the previous post.