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[SOLVED] Air Freight Itineraries

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  • [SOLVED] Air Freight Itineraries

    I am trying to route an order from an origin point in Shanghai city to the airport in Shanghai to the airport in Beijing to the destination in Beijing city.

    The itinerary I created uses:

    Shipment 1/Leg 1
    LTL from origin in SHANGHAI_REGION to the location profile of AIRPORTS
    Shipment 2/Leg 2
    AIR from location profile of AIRPORTS to location profile of AIRPORTS
    Shipment 3/Leg 3
    LTL from location profile of AIRPORTS to destination in BEIJING_REGION

    The result always comes back with the first airport choice of Guangzhou (IATA code: CAN). I believe that this is because CAN is the first choice alphabetically within the location profile of AIRPORTS.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to have OTM look at the other airports in the profile?

    No matter how specific I try to make the itinerary, I have not been able to generate the result for which I am looking.


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    Re: Air Freight Itineraries

    Joe - rather than using location profiles, you may just find it easier to use the actual origin and destination airport codes on the itinerary legs. The number of itineraries you need may increase, but it may well solve the problem you have identified there.


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      Re: Air Freight Itineraries

      Hi Joe,

      I agree with BMJ_23 but another alternative may be to limit your LTL rate records so you only have one routing option from the particular Shanghai origin/region to the Shanghai Airport.

      Hope it helps,

      Alejandro Barba