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Sell Side Shipment with Multiple Order Release and Bulk Plan

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  • Sell Side Shipment with Multiple Order Release and Bulk Plan

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a very specific requirement regarding the Sell Side shipment.
    I have multileg itinerary and my Buy shipments can have multiple order releases consolidated.

    When i use a action from Shipment 'Build Sell Side from Buy Side', OTM is creating one Sell Side shipment for each OR. (No consolidation).

    From OTM's help, i understand that this action only creates shipment on OR based on allocated cost. Which i guess it makes sense.

    So I am thinking BulkPlan sell side at OR level.

    Is there a way to trigger a Sell side Bulk Plan for set of order release i want to select (I can have a Saved Query to fetch list of OR based,) ??

    Anyone to initiate Recurring process from agent ??

    Thanks in advance,
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    er.prashant.jain , Prasad Chandane Anurag_Saini , LourensGlog , chrisplough

    OTM Gurus, please guide.


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      Fundamentally, in OTM there is no difference between Buy and Sell shipments, so you can plan both of them as simple or as complex as you want.

      The standard logic that is available in OTM to create Sell shipment from Buy shipments is for the normal use case that as a shipper you may want to consolidate your Buy shipments and send them through multiple legs, but Sell shipments are meant to create shipments for single Order Releases, in order to allocate the Sell costs to the client.

      If you want to build consolidated Sell shipments, then you can do this by running the Order Release action Operational Planning > Bulk Plan Sell. Of course you can also schedule a Sell Bulk Plan, or even trigger that based on a custom event.


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        'BUILD SELL-SIDE SHIPMENT: With Buy-Side Mode' should create one sell shipment for all the order release attached to buy shipment as far as order releases meets the bundling rules