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  • Round Trip configuration

    We got requirement to create round trip configuration.

    Scenario : Round trip of 3 legs
    • Location -> Supplier (A)
    • Supplier(A) -> Plant
    • Plant -> Supplier (A)

    Order Base is from Location to Supplier (A)
    Order release is from Location to Supplier (A)

    Now expectation is to have single shipment with 3 stops.

    Stop1: Location -> Supplier (A)
    Stop2: Supplier (A) -> Plant
    Stop3: Plant -> Supplier(A)

    I have tried to create a itinerary with 3 legs but that is resulting 3 shipments instead of single shipment with 3 stops.

    Can any one share inputs on this scenario ?

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    Couple of questions/remarks:
    - This is not a round trip, because it starts at Location and ends at Supplier (A). If you'd have a trip Location > Supplier (A) > Location, you could create a depot shipment that returns back empty.
    - Itinerary legs will indeed create a single shipment per leg, that is how OTM works. If you want a single multi-stop shipment, you need to use a single-leg itinerary.
    - What is being shipped from Supplier (A) to Plant and from Plant to Supplier (A)? OTM doesn't plan shipments without ship units.
    - Have you looked into Ground Schedules?


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      As per Lourens, Try creating Multistop which is you might need. Location --> Supplier A --> Plant - This can be multistop with depot location as Supplier A to go back from Plant.

      Note: Your solution should depend on if Stop 3 is loaded or empty into Supplier A.
      Vinoth Gopalakrishnan
      Reach out for OTM/GTM - Transportation/Logistics and Blockchain Consultations/Strategy


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        Thank you LourensGlog and rgvinoth. I have configured depot profile for Supplier A --> Plant --> Supplier and I got multistop shipment with 3 stops.

        Depot Profile:

        Lane: Supplier to Plant, source location: Supplier and destination location: Supplier
        Lane: Plant to Supplier, source location: Supplier and destination location: Supplier

        Now I am looking for configuration from Location -->Supplier A --> Plant --> Supplier

        Can you please advise ?