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Commitment Allocations with Shipments Having Multiple Equipment

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  • Commitment Allocations with Shipments Having Multiple Equipment

    I want to use commitment allocations, but I see in the online help the following description:

    "There are several types of shipments that are not allocated with regard to carrier commitments. However, they are counted towards carrier commitments, so they can affect how other shipments are allocated. These types of shipments include:
    • Shipments with shared equipment.
    • Handling shipments.
    • Shipments with multiple equipment.
    • Shipments with split orders, unless the EVALUATE_SPA_FOR_SHIPMENTS_FROM_SPLIT_ORDER parameter is true."
    We have shipments with multiple equipment frequently. Is this saying that if I set the Commitment Lane Object Type and Allocation Type to SHIPMENT that any shipment with multiple equipment will not adhere to the service provider percentages we've defined. Rather the shipments with multiple equipment will plan to the lowest cost carrier?