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Issue with the commitment allocation on round trips (same lane)

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  • Issue with the commitment allocation on round trips (same lane)

    Hi all,

    We have a problem with the OTM Commitment Allocation functionality, which makes transports allocation to different “service providers” based on allocation percentages.

    This is the requirement: “It is required to plan several shipments going to a same region, allocating them to different carriers based on a percentage. There will be shipments with this same region destination that will have specific carrier based on the destination location (for these ones, previously mentioned commitment allocation rules should not be applied). This requirement applies to both one way and roundtrips.”

    The problem we have found is with roundtrip shipments. For these shipments, no allocation is being applied since the system is not able to identify the correct commitment allocation rule to use.

    To give you an example, we have several roundtrip rates with source and destination Seville and intermediate stops in the province of Seville and Malaga. This requires 2 commitment allocation rules, one for stops in the province of Seville and another for Malaga. We are assigning a lane to each commitment allocation rule, in which we define Seville as the source and destination. As a consequence, both rules have the lane with the same source and destination (regardless of whether the ID is different or not). When planning, OTM identifies the rate either with an intermediate stop in Seville or Malaga and then looks for distribution rules entering through the lane. Since these lanes are the same, it identifies the first one that appears and selects the commitment allocation rule associated (whether it is correct or not).

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards