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How to improve the consolidation in routes paid by weight.

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  • [SOLVED] How to improve the consolidation in routes paid by weight.

    Hi experts,

    I am facing a problem to improve the bundling in routes paids by weight.

    The OTM is not consolidating the orders to the same customer at the second leg in a Deconsolidation Pool scenario where the rate cost is based in the weight. I think this issue is being caused by rate cost type that is based in the total weight (example: 100 USD PER 1 MTON OF SHIPMENT.WEIGHT).

    The customer requirement is to minimize the quantity of shipments in any situation, it is a critical requirement due to integration with SAP where is done the freight payment.

    The consolidation happens in some situations pais by weight, but OTM does not consider to minimize the quantity of equipment, once the cost is the same for 1 truck with 24 tons, or 2 trucks with 12 tons.

    I have tried to configure the container optimization and the parameters for multistop logic and I found better results, but not the expected result.

    This situation happens also for direct shipments paid by weight, in this situation the users are using the MERGE functionality.

    I really appreciate any help.